Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Wedding Cake

Yeah, it took me longer to post again than I'd originally planned... hey, these things take time to get used to doing regularly!  I'll try to be better... :-)

So...  another one of my cousins is getting married next weekend, and my wedding gift to them is to make their cake.  It's a win-win for everyone -- I don't have to figure out what to gift to give them, they get what I hope is a delicious and pretty cake, and I get both practice and another cake picture to add to my portfolio (my lovely sister-in-law is a great photographer and I'm hoping she will take some photos for me!).  I'd already met with the bride and groom weeks ago, and have a plan for their elegant 4-tier cake.  This time, it will be a fondant-covered cake, as once again, the wedding is outdoors, this time in an orchard.  (What IS it with my cousins all having these outdoor weddings in the SUMMER?!?  Heat, people, is the enemy!!  I don't do heat, and certainly cakes don't like to, either...  <sigh>  Okay, I'm back... <g>).

Anyway...  I'm making the cake here and transporting it to the wedding location in Roanoke via Lake Monticello (to pick up my Mother for the trip).  I've traveled with cakes before (again, my cousins tend to choose far-away locations for these events...), so I'm not too concerned about that part.  I am a bit concerned about carrying the cake here and there (an overnight stopover at my Mom's house and then an overnight at the hotel in Roanoke prior to delivery on Saturday), but hopefully all will go well.  Here's hoping the weather is lovely for a wedding, but not excessively hot!

Meanwhile, I'm getting new floors installed in the living room and up the staircases (finally pulling up the carpet!), and need to move all my stuff out of both areas for the installers.  Between the mess from making a wedding cake and the mess from installation prep, my house is just a disaster area right now!  Can't wait for it all to be over in a few weeks -- and can't wait to see what it will all look like!

Until next time...
...The Cake Wench

Thursday, May 12, 2011

First Post!!

Oye VAY!!  My first post on my new blog...  Yeah, I'm last on the train to start blogging, but hey, I got here, didn't I?  And welcome to you, too!

I'm going to try to be a regular contributor to this blog thing...  I still have some tweaking to do on this site, but I'll get there.  Like -- apparently I can connect this somehow to my cellphone and blog from my Blackberry?  Not sure that's such a great idea, with those teeny, tiny keys, but...  We'll see how things go.

This blog came out of the part of my life that's all about cake decorating, but it will definitely encompass other parts as well.  I'm pretty lucky to have a fairly diverse set of interests and friends, and they all influence who I am and what I like to do, so who knows what will end up in here!?  Guess we'll see!  I hope you stay for the ride!

Hugs to all!
...The Cake Wench